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Quote: Taking into consideration that ninety-nine percent of the dialogue is between the two main characters, and that the whole story revolves around them, made me wonder how on earth the author had managed to keep me stuck to the pages like a limpet. A good storyline which wasn’t overly dark for my tastes and well written banter.I was a little concerned about the heroine’s persona. After years of plotting and two years of watching Nova, Calix takes her.

Once they were theoretically out of the firing line, she gives it all she’s got regardless of the consequences. Thus, when she did, I was a fairly disappointed in her.The dark abyss of their possession claims you before you’re even aware of the capture. Only, the truth will harden the heart that had softened against him. One thing is for sure though, love story it is not. He infused himself within my life – my mind – my body – and my heart. As Nova tries to keep Calix from pushing his way past her barriers, his determination to capture her heart in the same way he captured her body grows.Nevertheless, since she was forced into an uncertain existence against her will, I tried my best to put myself in her shoes. How I wish you’d been more of a badass because it would most certainly have suited you.

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Nova is studious, a tad timid, and extremely virtuous.

In the safety of her home, the unimaginable happens.