Updating a field in sql

28-Feb-2015 13:03

SKIP = n — Number of logical records to skip (Default 0) LOAD = n — Number of logical records to load (Default all) ERRORS = n — Number of errors to allow (Default 50) ROWS = n — Number of rows in conventional path bind array or between direct path data saves (Default: Conventional Path 64, Direct path all) BINDSIZE = n — Size of conventional path bind array in bytes (System-dependent default) SILENT = {FEEDBACK | ERRORS | DISCARDS | ALL} — Suppress messages during run (header, feedback, errors, discards, partitions, all) DIRECT = {TRUE | FALSE} –Use direct path (Default FALSE) PARALLEL = {TRUE | FALSE} — Perform parallel load (Default FALSE) LOADDATA statement is required at the beginning of the control file.

The OPTIONS parameter allows you to specify runtime arguments in the control file, rather than on the command line.The following arguments can be specified using the OPTIONS parameter.

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