Updating an old bathroom Youvutu web cam argentina

26-Nov-2015 10:36

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Replace this: With this: When most of us think of purchasing a rug for our bathroom, we generally head to the bathroom department of the local home store. I'm an interior decorator-turned-blogger, and a DIY fanatic.But why not try something with a little more style? I live with my husband, Matt, our dog, Boo, and our cat, Peeve, in our 1948 fixer upper that I'm remodeling pretty much by myself.Instead of a regular bath mat, try introducing a small area rug into your bathroom. And because the rug is generally smaller than one you’d need for a living room, it’s possible to find one for to 0. I’m really surprised at how many people still use toilet seat covers in their bathrooms. If you find yourself in the position of needing a bathroom update, but without the funds for a full remodel, here’s some quick, budget-friendly updates that will give your bathroom a brand new look. Replace this: With this: I’m not sure why this is, but I find that most people overlook the importance of lighting in almost every room of their home.

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Give them a fresh coat of paint, and they’ll look new!

I recommend a good cleaning, followed by a light sanding, then priming. Replace this: With this: Hardware is the “jewelry” of your cabinets. Turn this: Into this: If you have a plain, plate-glass, builder’s basic mirror, give it a frame!

Top with a coat or two of an oil-based paint, and you’ve got a brand new look. Not having hardware on your cabinets is like putting on a great outfit, but forgetting to accessorize. Simply purchase some moulding from your local home improvement store, cut to fit, paint, and adhere it to your mirror.

Hardware is also a great place to be creative and unique. Actually, they’re worse, considering that these catch more….ummmm…stuff, since it’s on the floor. Fill in the corners with a bit of wood filler, sand, and touch-up the paint. If you have a bathroom that requires a shower curtain, this is NOT the place to make a simply utilitarian choice.

10 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Updates by Kristi Linauer Bathrooms are one of the most costly rooms to remodel–generally second only to kitchens.

These costs are often incurred in labor charges on items that go beyond the typical do-it-yourselfer’s skills.

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