Updating pfsense advice to dating

23-May-2016 06:55

I have created a fixed port based on the old deprecated one.

The short version is that pfsense packages will be more closely aligned with free BSD packages. Documentation: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Developing_Packages Hi, I'm a Free BSD committer and I was also going to look at the port, on Luca's request. We should choose if we want to keep the net/ndpi port and update it and use that or just go for the bundled one.Seems like this a perfect time to look at getting ntopng and pfsense working together. I can help you and, if you get something working, I can test it and commit it to the official tree once ready. I have not touched the included startup script, it should be tested by someone actually using it. You can find the port here: extract it while in /usr/ports/net and you should get the new port in there ready for testing.