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A component, batch validation software, an online utility, sample source code, and Javascript regular expressions.Our advanced validation checks address format (including valid characters), gets DNS (MX) records, and verifies usernames using SMTP.It seems like the sheer number of address formats, even in the US alone, would make this a fairly difficult task.On the other hand, it seems like a task that would be necessary for several business requirements.Here's a free and sort of "outside the box" way to do it.Not 100% perfect, but it should reject blatantly non-existent addresses.Regular expressions Handy expressions for verifying email addresses client-side in web browsers.Hex Valid Email concepts Explains the basics of verifying email addresses.

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Hex Valid Email component An Active X/COM component that checks email address syntax, domain, and username.

You can use this component with almost any Windows development tool, including ASP, VB, . Sample code Demonstrates how to validate email addresses using Hex Valid Email.