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I don’t like small talk – I want to know you if I’m gonna know you.

I love hugs, and big smiles, and hearing about what makes everyone different and interesting and complex.

She and her friends enjoy going to the beach, shopping and eating out.

Lauren has had an interest in fashion design since 7th grade. Make sure to follow IMDb on Facebook and send your questions here.

After graduating from Laguna Beach High School, ...

Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov.

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(Which, out of context, is a sentence I never thought I’d say. I think I probably come across as confident and outgoing (even if, on the inside, that isn’t always how I feel). While some people draw energy from others, I feel drained by a crowd. I feel scattered and overwhelmed by too much activity and too many tasks. And I want you to know me, so I sometimes over-share. I enjoy the spotlight; I tend to talk too much and too loud; I always have an opinion. C.", as her friends call her was born on February 1st, 1986 in Newport Beach, California.Lauren has grown up in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach.

All of the takes a lot out of me, consuming much of my already limited head-space. So I’ve learned that I need to consciously, purposefully feed the other twin.I need quiet alone time, where no one is asking anything of me.

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When the bell rings you find a potential date wearing one of these fonts and chat to them for five minutes: will you find the perfect font pairing, or will it be a typographic mismatch?… continue reading »

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