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04-Apr-2016 14:12

When not customizing cars, Donaldson enjoys designing and building furniture.His favorite sport to watch is football, but he prefers to play sand volleyball.

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Mike Holloway: (Laughs) Holmes: Is that going to be a part of your game? It’s not one shape or size, blonde, brunette, red, blue eyes, green eyes, it doesn’t matter. A good friend of mine came into my house and was like, “Hey, did you see ‘Survivor’?! Holmes: If you could align with any former Survivor, who would it be? I’m doing this for our family.” Those people on the show are strangers. Holmes: Safe to say you have experience roughing it? Me and my cousin, we do survivalist training sometimes. I know how to rub two sticks together to get a fire. You don’t understand the love bond between a man and a younger man that is teaching them how to grow up. Not to idly let things happen, but to be a voice for the voiceless.

Holloway: Yeah, I don’t really think that too many of the girls this season are that attractive. It’s like when you walk into a store and you’re looking for a certain pair of pants. There is one girl here that is extremely attractive. Holloway: Well, I think she’s way too young for me. ” And I said, “You mean the show with the naked guy on it? They will become friends, and some might become family, but they are not who I am playing this game for. Becoming a Christian and having my pastor who is Don Couch mentor me to be a man… Being molested was rough, and it’s something that is with me.

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