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18-Jan-2015 12:32

Qualities like career stability (money) and their capacity to be a good mom/dad were more important.However, if you want a marriage based on love, chemistry and equality—all of the fluttery, butterfly feelings and sense that you’re truly connected with someone—I’d say it’s pretty darned important.Courses on “women’s studies” should berequired in our schools.Here we consider the nature of culture, the ways cultures differfrom one another, and the principles for more effective communication amongmembers of different cultures. If you’re looking for someone with whom to have a traditional (“business partner”) marriage—you know, kids, house, cars, family-in-law, Disneyland—then no, physical attraction isn’t necessary.It’s a “would be nice to have”, but definitely not a “must have”.I think that physical attraction eventually becomes important for everyone at some stage of their marriage … As for me, I find it pointless to engage with someone I’m not attracted to.it’s just for many, they think it’s not important, and then they end up in affairs.

You need to be able to get along well and have a high degree of compatibility.I’m trying to think of one friend in a traditional marriage who was attracted to their spouse when they married, and honestly, I can’t.