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11-Jun-2015 22:24

Besides, what really attracts people to Quan Lan is the breath-taking beauty of nature with stretches of white sand dunes beneath some casuarina.The sand here is very different from sand anywhere else, it is whiter and the sand is sparkling in the sunshine and in the clear waters of Quan Lan Beach.It is famous for the pristine scenery, and fresh atmosphere.The island not only features full factors of an imposing natural site but also preserves many historical and cultural values.Thanks to the beautiful beaches, each year there are more and more tourists visiting the island. You can be with your family and friends to have a bonfire on the beach and listen to the fire along with the sound of the wind, and the wave.Quan Lan Island covers an area of 11 square kilometers, west-eastern oriented spreading from Van Don Range to Got Mountain, with lots of high mountains making a great wall against oceanic wave and wind so as to protect the island residents.After a 45 minute journey speedboat from Cai Rong pier – Van Dong, you will get to Quan Lan Island, along the way you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of thousands of islands, large and small stones in many shapes.

On this beautiful island, there are several famous and beautiful beaches with stretches of white sand beach and crystal clear water such as Minh Chau beach in Minch Chau commune, and Son Hao beach in Quan Lan commune.If the Son Hao beach impresses tourists with big wave, and a very busy service area; Minh Chau beach is the tranquil beach with calm water; Van Hai beach is famous for its large rocks in the beach; and Quan Lan is well-know because this beach is located in population centers of the island and there are many accommodation offered on this part of the island.